Permanent exhibitions

Zdjęcie wystawy w muzeum kanału bydgoskiego

History and function of the Bydgoszcz Canal

At the "Bydgoszcz Canal - history and role" exhibition you will find out who and when buidt the Bydgoszcz Canal, how it influenced the city's development and you will see how life went on next to it. In addiction, you will see models of the locks and the now defunct Władysław IV Bridge.

wystawa w muzeum kanału bydgoskiego

Shipping on the
Bydgoszcz Water Area

At the exhibition "Shipping on the Bydgoszcz Water Area" you will see various barges and tugboats that sailed on the waters of Bydgoszcz and you will learn about the role of shipping in our city.

Temporary exhibitions

Old Polish Brda

The exhibition "Old Polish Brda" will take you to even more distant times. You will learn that, among others what Bydgoszcz residents traded and you can see the costumes and weapons of the nobility from the 17th century.

Social life of Bydgoszcz inhabitants at the beginning of the 20th century

Where did the inhabitants of Bydgoszcz go for walks? How actively did they spend their time? What restaurants did they choose? You will find out at the exhibition about the social life of Bydgoszcz residents.

Swan Island

Swan Island

At the exhibition "Swan Island" you can see charming corners of the old Bydgoszcz Canal, where you could admired these dignified birds. The Exhibition also features swans in various forms, collected in the collection of Mr. Bartłomiej Wodyński